Rail Equipment

With the right tools you can implement any kind of project. Pandrol Australia as the local agent for Rosenqvist Rail can deliver the tools that you need to cost-effectively and safely carry out your railway projects. We have high-tech tools for fastening clips and custom fitted Hy-rails, we also have smart tools for handling rail and sleepers.

With our Sleeper Replacer - SB60 with the Clip Master you can for an example quickly and correctly replace the old sleepers with new ones. With the Clip Master, you can fasten the clips to the rail with just one keystroke.

We can customize our entire catalogue to your specifications. Do you have an idea for a new product, do not hesitate to present it to us. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions!

Our vision is to be the contractor's only alternative to "real" sustainable products with world-leading service and support in the railway industry.

Handy Clipper

The Handy Clipper is a versatile hand held tool for smaller clipping and declipping services for PANDROL FASTCLIP. It has its own power supply and is ergonomically designed.


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